Ingi Bjarni Quartet

Ingi Bjarni Quartet is a multi national jazz-quartet founded in 2015. The members have played together on various occasions/settings. The quartet plays a program of original compositions characterized by modern, open sound and nordic atmospheres. The members have both musically and geographically (Iceland, Latvia, Finland and Belgium) a different background which makes this an interesting encounter.

With their different personal characteristics, the quartet explores melancholic melodies, happy harmonies and rock rhythms in their own way.

Ingi Bjarni released his first CD „Skarkali“ with a trio based in Iceland. Ingi Bjarni Quartet plays songs from that CD as well as a handful of new compositions. Ingi Bjarni Quartet played at Reykjavík Jazz Festival in 2016.


Ingi Bjarni Skúlason (IS) – piano
Ukko Heinonen (FI) – tenor saxophone
Cyrille Obermüller (BE)– bass
Pauls Pokratnieks (LV) – drums